First Day At The Gym Workout Plan

First Day At The Gym Workout Plan

Hey hey hey !!! Someone just made the best decision of their life.You, yes you, you right there. That’s how good working out is, and I’m not even exaggerating. I personally believe hitting the gym was one of the best decisions that I made in my life.

But one thing that I missed out was going without prior knowledge of the gym because I didn't have an article like First Day At The Gym Workout Plan, I would have done way better if I knew then what I know now about diet, proper form and workout regime so that’s why I’m writing a few words to help all those who are planning to change their lives and are joining the fitness fraternity without ending up quitting or looking like a fool in the first few weeks.

So here’s how it goes, you just joined the gym and it’s your very first week and trust me, it’s gonna hurt like hell if you haven’t worked out ever before!! But nothing good came easy and as the saying goes,”No pain no Gain”.


So one fine morning you wake up and you’re all ready to begin the journey of being the ultimate version of you. So there are a couple of things that you need to know. First and for most, you should know transformations do not occur overnight, it will take time and the struggle is real.

Transformation does not majorly depend on what you do in the one hour you spend at the gym every day, it depends on how you spend the rest 23 hours of the day. It's not about smashing weights or picking up as heavy as you can and keep going on and on, but working out is much more than that, it involves Proper Form, Rest, Diet and regulated workout programs ( Click Here Get The Best Available Workout Program Online). That’s when you start seeing the real results.

What you should be doing in the beginning, is focusing on compound movements which would focus on hitting more than just 1 muscle, which in turn contributes to more muscle growth. This will enhance your range of motion, it will make you gain more strength and eventually, you’ll kill your favorite selfie pose.

My personal recommendations would be focusing on:

Bench Press(leverage for ease)

Light Weight DeadLifts

Now, inculcate these exercises to your workout and this will Bulk\shred you up like crazy depending on your diet. Now there are basically two things to look forward to at the gym, you either bulk or you shred. Both these things have different workout plans, different diets and different amounts of volume per exercise So before you start off you should have a goal in mind and should be able to visualize what you want to look like in the near future.

Once you blend into the gym and find pleasure in what you’re doing

you should keep in mind the immense importance of protein

in your
diet. In order to build the muscle that you’re already tearing apart in
the gym, you gotta have a lot of protein. This will encourage
muscle growth and will give results in a much quicker time.

You can get protein from almost everywhere, eat meat, eat flax seeds, inculcate oats and eggs. These will not only act as a catalyst to your gains but will be your fuel for the next workout as well.
My personal recommendation would be to find a decent 12-week program and stick to it. Once it gets over, shift to another and in this way, you’ll find out what suits your body and your metabolism the both.


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